Our Al Hamra and Diplomatic Quarter campuses have well equipped clinic facilities, staffed during school hours by qualified registered nurses. Staff at our Salwa school administer first aid and students have access to the BAE Systems Medical Centre if needed. The Al Hamra clinic is also staffed by a nurse for after school activities. The school has agreements in place with nearby hospitals to ensure that in the event of an emergency, medical care is given swiftly.  

The nurses provide care for ill and injured students and staff. A completed school medical form is required for all students. Parents are asked to update any health concerns and contact details so that the clinic team can care for students appropriately. Staff are made aware of relevant health concerns and Emergency medication provided by parents is kept in the school clinic.

In the event of illness or injury, parents may be required to collect their children from school therefore a parent or nominated caregiver needs to be available at all times. Parents are asked to make themselves aware of clinic policies and procedures and are welcome to contact the nurses with any questions.

The clinic nurses are also happy to provide advice to parents regarding vaccinations or general health advice. They keep a record of doctors who come recommended by parents and staff which they are happy to share with the school community to make navigating the health system a little easier. Promotion of a healthy lifestyle at school and beyond is part of the clinic role – we encourage support and educate our students and staff to  have a holistic view of themselves. The nurses enjoy being invited into classrooms to discuss health related topics.

Nurses also accompany overnight trips to our Thumamah camp. Additionally, First Aid training is provided by our head nurse to teaching and support staff to enhance student safety.

The clinic works very closely with all departments including our school counsellors. The clinic is a safe space for any student who is in need of support and it has a quiet room if needed. The nurses work closely with other staff and with parents to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our students. Confidentiality and trust is also a priority,  with any information shared in line with nursing code and conduct.