Students who are happy learn most effectively and this is something that BISR takes very seriously, ensuring that the well-being of our students is supported, alongside their academic development. 

Through creating an inviting classroom environment and getting to know the students in our care we work to ensure students feel safe, valued and supported. Students and staff at BISR learn about each other through autobiographical work, allowing us to celebrate the diversity in each classroom, learning more about each other to facilitate effective collaboration and work within lessons.

We pride ourselves on creating a warm and welcoming community environment for students with a range of adults who students can approach if they have concerns or worries, including their class teachers, subject teachers, teaching assistants and our team of trained counsellors. 

Wellbeing is woven into our curriculum, co-curricular programme and assemblies, with a focus on several key areas:

  • Balance - where students learn the importance of sleep, exercise and good nutrition, along with the value of play and having fun. We help children find a positive balance with their use of technology and through connecting with nature. 

  • Resilience - where students learn to overcome challenges and difficulties, developing a ‘toolkit’ of strategies to use when they are struggling with their learning or other aspects of life. We help students understand how stress can be turned into something positive in their life. 

  • Belonging - helping students build positive relationships with family, peers and the wider community, connecting with others through shared interests and experiences. Supporting  students so they feel safe, loved, valued, secure and protected.

  • Empathy -  providing opportunities for students to explore and understand different perspectives and viewpoints. We help students demonstrate empathy for others as well as increasing their sense of belonging through Service Learning, eco-school work, extra-curricular activities, trips and other community based events.  

  • Growth - supporting students with development of a growth mindset, where they understand that they are capable of great things, can make positive changes and have the capacity to deal with setbacks. Providing students with opportunities to develop skills, knowledge and understandings related to effective life-long learning and positive wellbeing.

  • Self-regulation - learning about thoughts, feelings and behaviours, as well as how the brain works. Helping students develop strategies to use this knowledge to support appropriate responses to thoughts and feelings in different situations. 

Our approach to well-being is underpinned by our REACH vision and mission, where we expect all members of our community to be role-models for our students.  

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