Learning Support

BISR advocates a collaborative approach to meeting the needs of our students with Special Educational Needs (SEN). Our SENCo, Learning Support Teachers, and our team of Learning Support Assistants (LSAs) work together with class and subject teachers to support students.

Applying to BISR

It is the school’s policy that students with Special Educational Needs are provided with an appropriate level of support. Students are accepted into the School providing there are appropriate support provisions available and the School reserves the right to refuse an application where the student appears to have needs that cannot be met by the programmes currently offered. Each admissions application to BISR is considered on an individual basis.  The decision to admit an applicant with special educational needs is made by the Director of Student Services and SENCo in consultation with members of the Extended Leadership Team.

Our Learning Support Team

At BISR the Learning Support team work under the direction of the SENCo across the Primary and Senior School. The SEN teachers and LSAs work collaboratively with teachers throughout all curriculum areas. Support for learning areas includes academic, social, emotional and student well-being.   

Referrals are made to the Learning Support team by the class/subject teacher or parent. If a referral is made by the teacher it is mandatory that the reason for the referral is discussed with the parent. No learning assessments will be conducted by the team without parental consent.

When a student requires an Individual Education Plan (IEP), targets are set to document the student’s additional support needs and the type of support they require. This may include short-term goals for the student and an explanation of what methods will be used to reach these targets. Student IEPs are reviewed regularly, usually every school term.

The type of support provided ranges from in-class group support to 1:1 specific student support.To manage the support provision BIS has introduced a tiered stage approach to offering this provision. The initial stage is delivered through high quality differentiated teaching and learning.The second stage involves the learning support team interventions and the third stage provides enhanced support where tailored support is delivered at 1:1 ratio. 

When is Stage Two or Stage Three Tiered support required?

Guidance for the which Stage of support a student will require is assessed by the Director of Student Services and the SENCo. They will make this decision based on information about the student provided by parents during the admission process, recommendations from Educational Psychologists reports, targets set in Individual Education Plans as well as results from assessments conducted by the Learning Support department. Learning Support services are delivered within the general education classroom setting to the greatest extent possible. There is a supplementary charge should a student need to access Stage Two or Three tiered support .

Additional Professional Support Options in Riyadh

The support options for the BISR community such as Educational Psychologists, Speech and Language Therapists (SpLT) and Occupational Therapist (OT) in Riyadh have always been erratic. We are aiming to develop our Learning Support Team in the near future to include such professionals in our department. Please contact the Director of Student Services or the SENCo to ask about any of these services and their current availability.

Access Arrangements

We are very proud of our record of providing high quality Access Arrangements (AA) for our Senior students sitting GCSE and A-Level examinations.  AA are available for students who qualify according to the Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ) and have an educational report with confirmation of the type/s of AA needed. All students who required AA need to use their specific AA as a usual way of working. Our SEN teachers ensure that all staff are aware of the specifics for students in both Primary and Senior School.

Our Journey with Parents

The Learning Support Team aim to promote effective partnerships with parents.

We aim to be honest and open with you about your child. We do this by listening to you as we all have a shared priority to deliver the best outcomes for all our children. We aim to have communication two-way: consulting with parents about how they can be involved as we believe this will increase the effectiveness of home-school relationships. Our team will keep you informed regarding the referral process, IEP reviews and routine interventions. Support is provided for parents through the weekly Parent Forums and SEN teachers attend all Student Led Conferences (SLC).

Prior to applying to BISR

Some of our students receive help each day for a limited period while some are admitted on the understanding that the child has support for the majority of each day by our team of Learning Support Assistants (LSAs). However, we only have a limited number of LSAs and if all are allocated, and we cannot make the provision, we will not accept the child into the school.

All pupils are unique and some students have individual needs that may impact their learning physically, emotionally or academically. If your child has previously received learning support, it is essential that you contact the Registrar or the Director of Student Services to ascertain if BISR is able to meet the needs of your child before you sign a contract with a prospective employer or agree to take up employment and relocate to Riyadh.