We support the creation of a high quality learning environment in a range of ways:

  • Developing a classroom environment that is nurturing, where students and

  • teachers are caring, considerate and supportive of each other. 

  • Creating an inclusive and purposeful learning environment, where expectations are high. 

  • Empowering, inspiring, motivating and challenging students with their learning. 

  • Encouraging students to learn from their mistakes and take risks with their learning. 

  • Ensuring students understand what they are learning and why. 

  • Making sure students know what they can do, what they need to do next and how to get there.

  • Equipping students with a range of skills to help them excel within both independent and collaborative learning situations. 

  • Providing opportunities for students to transfer their learning into new and unfamiliar contexts. 

  • Creating learning experiences that are authentic and linked to real life. 

  • Leveraging from our intercultural environment to support the development of students as positive global citizens. 

  • Encouraging students to live a balanced and healthy lifestyle, where they understand that sleep, a good diet and exercise, along with time for fun and enjoyment helps them to learn most effectively. 

  • Through appointment of highly qualified teachers who have a strong subject knowledge and a good understanding of how learners learn, and use this to shape high quality learning experiences for all students. 

At BISR we strongly believe that we are a learning community, where staff collaborate, plan and learn together to best support the growth and development of our students. 

BISR Facts & Figures


A*-C Grades at GCSE


A*-C Grades at A Level


Gold Manga High Medals


Average Class Size