The  Leadership Team (LT) consists of the Principal, the Chief Operating Officer, the Executive Head of the Salwa, Taif and Tabuk Campuses, The Head of the DQ Campus and the Heads of the Primary and Senior schools on the Al Hamra Campus. The Extended Leadership Team (ELT) is made up of the LT, five Primary and three Senior Deputy Heads.  

The LT role is to manage day to day operations, and implement Board policies. The Heads of School / Campus are responsible for the curriculum, staffing and budgeting for their sections, while the Bursar has an overview of the non-academic areas of school life: IT Infrastructure, Finance, Facilities, Admissions, Administration and Human Resources.

The current Leadership Team is:

Principal: Ms Helen Olds

Head of the Al Hamra Senior School: Ms Rebekah Russell

Head of the Al Hamra Primary School: Mr Neil Smith

Executive Head of the Salwa, Taif and Tabuk Campuses: Mr Richard McDermott

Head of the DQ Campus: Mrs Anna Power

COO: Mr Wayne Orr