BISR has a strong House System, designed to bring students together across different year groups in pursuit of a common goal, in the spirit of friendly competition. There are four Houses: Pitts, Blunt, Palgrave and Doughty, all named after British explorers to Saudi Arabia.

Students proudly represent their Houses and wear their House colours, with a range of events and competitions occuring throughout the year, including curriculum House weeks and House activity afternoons.  

The House System provides a wonderful opportunity for students to develop skills and grow as individuals in a fun and enjoyable way. Competitions are designed to support student growth allowing them to display creativity and ingenuity, with opportunities for students to take on leadership responsibilities. Formal leadership roles include the election of Primary and Senior House Captains, with plenty of other opportunities for students to lead and support the House Captains with the different house events. Our House System promotes values of fair play, teamwork, citizenship, mutual responsibility, self-discipline, initiative, perseverance and resilience. 

Participation in House activities contributes to excellence in academic, social, sporting and cultural fields. Students are able to earn points for their House through our REACH rewards system, designed to reinforce our school motto. REACH points are awarded when students display excellence in learning, for achievement and endeavour within the classroom, with community events and through our co-curricular programme. The number of Reach points per House are announced in termly assemblies, with major awards given at the end of the year. These assemblies are highly enjoyable events drawing the whole school together to celebrate student achievement.