BISR Counselling Team

BISR is proud of our Counselling Team who offer support to students across all campuses. The Counselling Team consists of three counsellors/psychotherapists who in close collaboration with the Director of Student Services, support the students in three different age range groups: F1-Year 4, Year 5-8 and Year 9-13.

The aim of counselling at BISR is to provide short-term, professional and confidential counselling to students and the wider school community. Our Counselling Team aims to provide services to meet the psychological, developmental and emotional well-being needs of the students. Focusing on well-being, our counsellors provide opportunities for staff and students to understand the benefits and develop Mindfulness practices, in order to support their own growth and happiness.

The Counselling Team works closely with the Safeguarding Team. Our Counsellors consult weekly with the School Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL) and Child Protection Officers (CPOs) to provide support and guidance to deal with Child Protection issues.

The Counselling Team provides the wider school community counselling updates through BISR Parent Forums, pastoral team meetings and through curriculum advice, specifically PSHEE. 

At BISR, there is a referral process in place which enables students, parents or teachers to refer someone for counselling. Referring is a simple process which can be completed through the BISR school information portal Counselling page.