Sixth Form


The overall aim of the Sixth Form is to develop students holistically, enabling them to become responsible young adults, with integrity and resilience.

Students are expected to work to the best of their ability, while ensuring they develop as global citizens with the desire to go forwards and make a positive difference in the world. Our graduating students are individuals who have developed strong study skills, which will serve them well in the future. They have a great awareness of the privileges they have had, and how this can be used to help others. Sixth Form students understand the concept of leadership and the responsibilities that come with it, they embrace all opportunities offered in order to reach their full potential, both in academic achievement and personal growth.

Students who enter the Sixth Form at BISR have already achieved excellent results in their GCSE or pre 16 studies. The minimum academic prior attainment at GCSEs is currently set at 33 points from a student’s six best subjects, to ensure a high probability of success at GCE A levels. We will consider students coming from different education systems and have a process to ensure attainment is at a similar level. We provide courses through the CIE (Cambridge International Examinations), AQA and Edexcel exam boards.

The Sixth Form curriculum offers a broad range of subjects and students select three to four academic subjects to study at A level, this is determined on a case by case basis. The core principle is to ensure success, and enable students to progress to the second year of study in Sixth Form. Whilst it is not a requirement for all the courses to complete the AS level examinations in some subjects, BISR’s current policy is that students will complete the external AS examinations in all subjects they study. There are 2 main purposes for this:

  • to provide concrete evidence for university applications.  
  • students have a qualification to take with them if they are unable to complete the full A level programme. This is mainly due to a change in family circumstances and often happens unexpectedly. In the volatile employment market often experienced in KSA, this is the best way we can safeguard students' futures.

A level subjects are only able to run if there are a minimum of six students selecting the option, these options are finalised in November of Year 11. Whilst we are often unable to run Modern Foreign Languages, due to low numbers,  we do support students who select to study these through an recognised online study programmes. An allocated teacher will mentor students to ensure they stay on track with assignments and have the opportunities to practice the spoken language, however no taught lessons are provided.

We also offer a broad curriculum alongside the A level programme. Non examinable but compulsory subjects include:

  • PE – an essential element for student health and well-being.
  • Futures – a pastoral programme that develops independent learning skills, well-being and communication in Year 12 and Year 13, university applications and the transition to independent adult life.
  • Enrichment – this programme encourages students to develop their awareness of wider contemporary issues, citizenship and independent living skills.

In addition to the academic programme outlined above, we strive to develop every individual through a variety of opportunities. All students are expected to engage in service based learning, opportunities include our annual Nepal expedition, where students volunteers at Children’s Homes in Kathmandu and complete a challenging four day trek. Students carry out fundraising for the Children’s Homes before they depart for Nepal and often have a targeted collection of provisions to be taken to the homes. The experiences the students have through this programme stay with them forever and it is marked how these radically change attitudes and develop a sense of gratitude for what they have and a drive to make a difference for those less fortunate. The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award plays a significant role at BISR, and all students are encourage to take part from Year 10 onwards. Sixth Form students on the Nepal Expedition are able to complete the Adventurous Journey and Residential sections of their Gold Award while on the expedition.

As part of the programme to support students in their applications for university, the Head of Sixth Form, Deputy, Form Tutors and the Careers and Higher Education Advisor, hold a range of events that enable students to make informed choices for their futures. These include:

  • engaging with university admissions officers through university fairs.
  • discussing careers with professionals in those areas in the community.
  • holding a range of interviews, such as MMIs for Medicine applicants and a work experience interview for all of Year 12.
  • a twenty week ECA programme to support university applications to the USA.
  • organising a one week work experience programme for all Year 12 students, to support their applications to university.

Significant leadership opportunities exist throughout the whole school, but particularly in Sixth Form. These range from,  House Captains; leaders of various committees, such as Charity and Eco-committee;  representing the Sixth on the Student Council; organising and leading various Sixth Form events, such as desert camps, socials and the Year 13 Prom;  being elected to the Student Leadership Group, or standing for Head Boy or Head Girl. For every leadership position there is a rigorous application process that, not only helps to hone the skills needed for university applications and progression, but also allows students to present their ideas to a wider body for consideration and develop their public speaking skills.

The success of the Sixth Form programme offered by BISR is demonstrated by the numbers of students achieving places to study in their first choice university. The breadth of courses selected and the variety of countries where students are studying, shows the value of the A level courses we offer are highly valued and that students can successfully move onto whatever course they feel is right for them and their future aspirations.


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