Key Stage 3 (Y7-9) aims to deliver a program that addresses the 3 Pillars of the school. The Teaching and Learning is addressed by offering a broad range of subjects to allow students to really discover where their strengths and weaknesses lie and to provide a solid grounding for the rest of their lives. The Wellbeing is addressed in the ALIVE program and for the Co Curricular element we encourage all students to fully partake in the Extra Curricular Activities(ECA) offered after school. In addition to the ECA program we have started to develop a partnership with local businesses and these provide opportunities for additional activities that bring some of their classroom learning to life. In the past these have included STEM activity days with the UK Royal Air Force team and BAE Systems, visits to industry to see ICT and DT in practice and visits to local Art galleries when an exhibition is showing. 

Students are encouraged to take part in an annual camping trip to our Desert Camp at Thumamah with members of their year groups. Whilst these are mainly targeted at team building and developing resilience,  we have included opportunities to cover curriculum content e.g. geology and science. In Year 9 their camp is part of the program to enable them to complete the Bronze level of the International Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme. What students learn about themselves and their abilities in these situations just cannot be taught in a classroom environment.

Many trips abroad are offered and it is always encouraging to see so many wanting to make the best of these opportunities. The aim is to try and provide trips that have multiple purposes in terms of curriculum but we also aim to provide a service learning opportunity within them as well as cultural appreciation. These would mainly take place in our Co-Curricular Learning week that is normally in term 3 of the academic year. We also provide a Diving trip at this time where students have the chance to gain a PADI Open Water diving certification. Some return the following year to take this to Advanced Open Water. This opportunity allows them to experience our world from an entirely different perspective and whilst they are learning the skills to dive safely, they also have an opportunity to do a little for the environment as it is common that rubbish is collected from the seabed during their dives. They can see first hand the impact of plastics on the ocean.

The taught curriculum for KS3 covers a wide range of subjects including creative, physical and more traditional academic subjects. Students are taught in forms for most subjects with English, Mathematics, Languages, PE and Science (Yr 9 only) in mixed form groups which caters for the learning needs of the students.

Students take all subjects to develop a broad grounding before narrowing these at the beginning of Yr 9 when students go through a process of selecting a smaller group of subjects to take into their more detailed GCSE studies. In year 9 they will begin to cover GCSE materials in Mathematics, Science and MFL and will develop GCSE level skills in English to prepare them for the detailed analysis needed for Literature GCSE.

Subjects offered in the school:

  • Core Subjects: Mathematics, English, Science, MFL(Arabic, French or Spanish), PE

In English, Language and Literature are covered by all students in order to develop the skills needed to be successful in later years.

  • Additional Subjects in KS3: Art, Design Technology (includes food, textiles and resistant materials elements), Music, Drama, History, Geography, ICT, ALIVE (Pastoral program)

In KS3 we call our pastoral program ALIVE as it looks to develop Aspirations, Leadership skills, Intelligences, Values and Environmental awareness. This is usually delivered by a selected team and whilst the program does follow UK guidelines for PSHE content, it has been adapted to address the context of BISR. 

All students study compulsory courses in Saudi History and Geography, Islamic studies and Arabic (in addition to the MFL arabic) as laid out by the Ministry of Education. These follow the Ministry curriculum.


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