The Primary School (Years 1-6)

The Primary school at BISR DQ aims to provide an outstanding holistic international education. 

We aim for all of our students to flourish during their time here at the DQ. We understand that wellbeing is paramount and believe that children need to be explicitly taught skills and values to help them contribute positively to themselves and the world around them.

As a British Primary School we use the National Curriculum learning objectives for English, Maths and Science. We use a concept based approach to teaching and learning that emphasises contextual understanding and the transfer of learning across different contexts and the wider curriculum. We particularly place emphasis on our local and international contexts and provide real authentic experiences that allow learners to take ownership of their learning and allow them to consolidate understanding. 

We aim to create reflective, resourceful, open-minded global citizens who take risks and have a sense of belonging and responsibility to our school and to the wider community. 

Learning at this age is focused on teaching the following subject areas and wherever possible is integrated in its approach.

  • English

  • Mathematics

  • Science

  • Computing

  • Theme (includes History, Geography, Global Citizenship)

  • Positive Education 

  • Physical Education 

  • Art and Design Technology

  • Music

  • MFL - French

  • MFL - Arabic


Our Primary School students continue to have a Class Teacher who is responsible for their academic development and pastoral needs. Students also have numerous subjects taught by subject specialist teachers who provide expertise in their fields and enable all our students to be stretched and challenged. 

As they grow older, students in the Primary School have opportunities to explore ever more complex ideas about interculturalism so they are able to move on to Senior School with a strong sense of self and an appreciation of diversity. Home/school partnerships continue to play a critically important role in children’s experiences and the contribution of adults in and out of school has a significant impact on their early education.