Thumamah Desert Camp



BISR has always believed that learning extends well beyond the classroom and, to this end, the school has operated an Outdoor Activity Centre in Thumamah since 2010.

Thumamah is 50 km north of Riyadh. Close enough to the school to allow for day trips, as well as overnight camps. But far enough away from the city to give a sense of space, peace and simplicity in a safe environment.

The BISR Thumamah Outdoor Activity Centre is part of the larger Thumamah Conservation Area. It is an area of wide, open spaces - gravel plains, sandy wadis and grassed areas – bordered to the west by the Ban Ban Sands and dominated to the east by the steep cliffs of the Buwayb escarpment. The Conservation Area is known for its rich variety of vegetation, bird life and wildlife in general.

All year groups – from Foundation Stage to Year 13 – take part in trips to Thumamah. Often these are year group trips, but the site has also been used for art trips, for learning geography skills and also for the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award. BISR has recently developed an ‘Adventure Service Challenge’ programme which also utilises the Thumamah Outdoor Activity Centre.

The Activity Centre itself consists of four large Bedouin style tents, toilet facilities, a simple kitchen and campfire areas. The beauty, simplicity and peacefulness of the place makes for a real contrast to our usual urban setting in Riyadh. Unsurprisingly, many students and staff look forward to returning again.