Student Leadership

When our students are ready to enter the job market, they will find themselves in what has been termed the ‘micropreneurial age’ in which they are likely to have multiple jobs and even multiple careers during their working lives. In order to thrive in this competitive environment, students need to learn how to recognise and develop in themselves a range of transferable skills, alongside the knowledge and qualities that will enable them to take the initiative and make their own opportunities in life. 
Taking on one of the many student leadership roles at BISR is a great way for your child to benefit from authentic, challenging experiences that encourage them to take ownership of their own learning and develop as life-long learners. Student leaders are expected to perform their roles with zest and diligence. They will be required to show open-mindedness in exploring issues from a range of different perspectives before making ethical and informed decisions.When facing challenges, our student leaders  work independently or collaboratively as the situation requires, demonstrating critical-thinking and creativity in finding solutions.

Finally, and possibly the most valuable benefit: the experience of a leadership role may cause a student to reflect on their place in the world - how they are able to find a sense of purpose and accomplishment in their lives by making a difference.

Student Leadership at BISR