Service Learning

What is Service Learning?

Service learning involves our students challenging themselves by engaging in leadership roles; performing community service; making the most of work experience opportunities and internships and taking part in field trips.

The Benefits of Service Learning

Service learning encourages our students to ‘think, feel, and act’, connecting their learning with finding what they are passionate about and facing authentic, challenging ‘real world’ problems, demonstrating honesty, compassion and kindness to become a force for positive change in their communities.

Service learning has huge benefits for students, nurturing a sense of responsibility, building self-confidence in their abilities and developing communication, creativity, collaboration and leadership skills.

Students who engage with service learning get the chance to apply their theoretical knowledge, problem analysis and critical thinking skills outside of the classroom. Service learning experiences can increase motivation and encourage students to take ownership of their own learning, improving levels of independence and raising academic achievement.

Here are some of the Service Learning Opportunities at BISR

  • Service Learning Committee  a student leadership group who steer the fundraising and service learning activities of the school.
  • Primary Charity Representatives The reps help out with whole school charity events by promoting but also help organise other events just for primary school.
  • Community Contribution Activities Every year our Sixth Form Students carry out CCAs, supporting different departments/classrooms across the school.
  • Duke of Edinburgh International (DoE) Award Students are required to demonstrate a regular commitment to service. This might be a community service project, conservation work, voluntary service or more specialised training such as lifesaving or first aid.
  •  Eco Committee  Students are  empowered to implement sustainability strategies, supported by a ring-fenced budget that they are responsible for using. BISR has been awarded the Green Flag, an honour bestowed by the Foundation for Environmental Education upon schools that demonstrate a commitment to improving their environment and the wider community.
  • The Precious Plastic Project at BISR  BISR is setting up the first Precious Plastic workspace in Saudi Arabia, and one of very few in the region. Benefitting from what we hope will be a long-term relationship with the Plastic Recycling Research Lab at NYU Abu Dhabi, the school is establishing its own system of collection and recycling of plastic materials on site, supported by cross-curricular material to develop practical knowledge and raise awareness.
  • Student Librarians Undertake various duties including working on the Eclipse Library system, creating display items, issuing and returning books, tidying the shelves, shelving books, helping with guided reading and helping to keep Library resources tidy for other students to enjoy.
  •  Local Community Service A number of our students have taken up volunteering opportunities in Riyadh, such as caring for animals at the Riyadh Animal Shelter.
  •  Work Experience/ Internships  All Year 12 students at BISR undertake work experience, organised by the school. Many of our students arrange additional work placements or internships during holiday periods. This provides our students the opportunity to enhance their employability skills, distinguish themselves for others and, hopefully, add value to the company they are working for.
  • Field Trips  For over a decade, students from BISR have travelled to Nepal to support a group of children’s homes with which the school has established a long-standing relationship. The students decide how best to use the funds allocated to them to support the children in the home where they are hosted. Upon their return, students present to the whole school.