The Extra-Curricular life of the school is an important part of what makes BISR such a special place to study. ECAs are available for students from Year 1 through to Year 13.

ECAs provide an excellent opportunity for students to round out their education with activities that may not be typically available during the school day. 

ECAs will change every term, allowing the children to sample many different areas of interest, although many popular activities run throughout each term. On-line registration for ECAs takes place three times a year and is organised by the ECA Coordinator. All BISR teachers lead an ECA thus ensuring that there is a very wide range of sporting, academic and recreational activities on offer, we have over a 100 ECA activities per week. Examples include Yoga, Minecraft, STEM, Brownies and Bootcamp. 

ECAs take place at lunchtimes, after school and some even on weekends. All students are encouraged to select at least one activity per week. This offers them a good opportunity to interact with children from other classes, work with other teachers and to have fun learning a new skill while doing something enjoyable. 

There is also a lot of research that highlights the benefits of students partaking in ECAs, showing there is a strong association between student involvement in extracurricular activities and improved attendance, behaviour, and academic performance. Research shows that all students who participate in some type of extracurricular activity perform better than students who are not involved.

If a child is unable to attend their activity on a particular day, parents should make sure that a note is sent to school, as an attendance register is kept and all children need to be accounted for. There are a wonderful variety of activities to choose from covering a range of sports, music, arts, drama, ICT and academic activities. Every student is sure to enjoy and benefit from this aspect of school life.