PGCE Testimonials

Nidhi completed her PGCE in Secondary Science this academic year and we are delighted she will be joining us as a science teacher for the next academic year. 


Amina completed her PGCE in Primary Education with us in 2018/19. She initially joined us as a supply teacher and is now a Year 2 teacher here at BISR. Amina is a life long learner and continues to be a fantastic teacher here at our school. 

Why did you do the iPGCE course?

I believe that teaching is an immensely rewarding career. I enjoy working with children and have a passion for teaching and learning, which is why I chose to do a PGCE in primary education.

What did you enjoy the most about the course?

I thoroughly enjoyed the teaching modules of the PGCE course. They helped me gain confidence in my teaching skills, and I developed my knowledge of teaching strategies and my understanding of the principles of teaching and learning. They were challenging but also the most rewarding part of the PGCE degree. 

 Any tips for any new upcoming PGCE candidates?

The most important thing to remember is to be organised whether it is planning for lessons, preparing resources or meeting deadlines. 

Immerse yourself into the role during the teaching placements and take full advantage of all the learning opportunities. Stay up to date with educational research.

And finally don’t be too harsh on yourself and ask for help when you need it.

How did BISR support you with your PGCE?

The PGCE course is very intense and can feel quite daunting but I was lucky to do my PGCE at BISR where I was fully supported throughout my teacher training journey and beyond. My mentors were amazing and they supported me by giving me feedback and also helped me to set targets for myself. The teacher colleagues at BIST were amazing and willing to help whenever needed. 

Why are you doing the iPGCE course?

I'm currently enrolled in the iPGCE program, working towards a Postgraduate Certificate in Education. My aim is to obtain an internationally recognized teaching qualification and secure a full-time teaching position at an international school. Teaching is a deeply fulfilling profession that I am genuinely passionate about. My journey in education began in 2012 when I earned my first pedagogical diploma. Since then, I have taught students from diverse backgrounds and age groups in various educational settings, both online and offline. Subjects like English, Russian, and Chinese have been my focus, and I have taught in countries such as Russia and Saudi Arabia. In 2021, I completed my CELTA certification and started working as a supply teacher and Chinese instructor at the British International School Riyadh. As the situation with the pandemic began to improve, I felt a strong desire for a new challenge, leading me to the iPGCE program.

There are a number of reasons why I am inspired to pursue the iPGCE course. Firstly, I have a lifelong passion for education and a genuine passion to make a positive impact on students' lives. Through the iPGCE, I am gaining the necessary knowledge, skills, and pedagogical techniques to become an effective and motivating educator.

Secondly, the iPGCE program offers a specialised curriculum that is centred around international education. This comprehensive course is providing me with a deep understanding of diverse cultural contexts, teaching methodologies, and educational systems. It also gives me the ability to nurture an inclusive and culturally sensitive approach to teaching, focusing on the individual needs of my future students.

Furthermore, the iPGCE program provides numerous opportunities for professional growth and development. Meticulous coursework, practical teaching experience, and the mentorship program enables me to perfect my teaching strategies, stay up-to-date with the latest educational research, and effectively meet the developing needs of students. 

Gaining an internationally recognized teaching qualification through the iPGCE is another major motivating factor. This certificate will increase my employability and demonstrate my commitment to professional excellence, while opening doors to teaching opportunities worldwide. 

Lastly, the iPGCE program promotes collaboration with educators from a range of backgrounds. Working with a community of professionals fosters the exchange of ideas, best practices, and innovative teaching approaches. This broadens my horizons, develops my creativity, and provides a professional network that will support me throughout my teaching career. 


What do you enjoy the most about the course?

One of the personal highlights of the iPGCE course was the online seminars. These provided an amazing opportunity to engage with the course content and my fellow learners, and discussing useful topics with peers created a strong sense of community. The valuable feedback given during these sessions really enriched my learning experience and developed my understanding of the subject matter. 

I also appreciated the well-structured nature of the course, which was logical and cohesive throughout the modules. The clear organisation ensured a smooth learning journey, and the enthusiastic program leader and personal tutor provided incredible support and guidance. Their willingness to answer my questions, offer advice, and provide help resulted in a fantastic learning environment. 

Furthermore, the course employed a variety of teaching methods, including online discussions, recorded sessions, and directed activities. These approaches kept the course really interesting and promoted critical thinking.

Finally, the user-friendly online platform made it incredibly easy to access course materials, resources, and assessments. It simplified the learning process, which allowed me to focus on the content and assignments without experiencing any technical issues. 

 Any tips for any new upcoming PGCE candidates?

To new upcoming PGCE candidates, my top tip would be to embrace the significant amount of studying and hard work that lies ahead. The PGCE course is well-known for being intense and demanding. While it may not be a breeze, if you are willing to completely dedicate yourself to the teaching profession, success is definitely achievable. Although the journey may present challenges, the rewards make it all worthwhile. By being determined and cultivating a positive mindset, you can get the most out of this great opportunity and embark on a rewarding career as an educator.

How does BISR support you with your PGCE?

BISR has been really supportive throughout my PGCE journey and I was pleasantly surprised when they agreed to be my host school. They provided me with placements in two different key stages, totaling 150 hours, as well as the support of a mentor and experienced host teachers. The school has also been really helpful, patient and kind. Recently, I completed my first teaching experiment in Year 1, and I am really looking forward to my second teaching experience in KS2. BISR's support has played a vital role in developing my practical teaching skills and fostering a positive learning environment.

Elizaveta is currently completing her PGCE in Primary Education. She began her PGCE in April this year and has successfully completed her first placement. Elizaveta will begin her second placement in September and with all her hard work, we hope it will be just as successful as the first one.