Al Saqr


Located in the Al Majma'ah region of Saudi Arabia, BISR Al Saqr is not just a school but a purpose-built hub dedicated to providing BAE families with a transformative and innovative educational experience. Beyond academic excellence, BISR Al Saqr strongly emphasizes the real-world application of learning and conceptual transfer. Situated near the enchanting old town and serene dam, the school offers a unique environment for students to not only absorb knowledge but also actively engage with and apply it in real-world contexts. BISR Al Saqr is committed to cultivating a learning atmosphere where small class sizes facilitate personalised, action-oriented education, employing a play-based approach that encourages creativity and critical thinking. The campus is adorned with state-of-the-art educational facilities, and it seamlessly links with other BISR campuses for enrichment opportunities, particularly in sports, providing BAE families with an exceptional educational journey that seamlessly blends intellectual growth with real-world impact.


The BISR Al Saqr campus is looking superb and will be completely handed over from the construction team to the school on May 31st. Furniture and school resources are already being placed in classrooms and corridors, transforming the space into a vibrant learning environment. It truly is a magical space that just needs our wonderful pupils to fill it with learning and laughter. We are eagerly anticipating the start of the next school year and can't wait to welcome our students. We are ready for it!