BISR is a not-for-profit school. All revenue from school fees is devoted to student learning, including the hiring of teachers and support staff, purchase of educational resources, and the development of campus facilities / learning spaces. 

The school is administered by a Board of Governors. The Governing Constitution stipulates that there shall be no less than five and no more than twelve Governors, and that there are three appointed Governors representing the British Embassy, SABB and Al Lawwal Bank. 

The Board of Governors elects its own Chair and Vice Chair. Other Board members are appointed by Board invitation, and serve without remuneration. Whenever there is a vacancy, the Board considers the needs of the school in determining the profile of new appointees. Candidates are interviewed by the Board and upon appointment undergo an induction with the Board Chair and Principal.

In partnership with the School's Principal, the Board is responsible for finance, staffing, premises, enrolment, safeguarding, commissioning regular independent inspections and ensuring that the school operates in accordance with relevant regulations in Saudi Arabia.


Board Members                                                  



Andy Inglis

Board Chair & HR Committee member

Neal Beevers

Board Deputy Chair & Task Force Member

Nick Prince 

Chair of HR Committee 

Ambreesh Sahai

Chair of Finance Committee

Andrew Mellors

Chair of Task Force Committee

Dany Ibrahim

Finance Committee member

Sergi Monros

School Development Committee member 

Richard Oppenheim

Board member

Dr Shaden Qasrawi

Board member - Safeguarding